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Cyprus 2022

March began with a 6-day trip to North Cyrpus with G Adventures. I was extremely lucky with my travel companions - definitely the best group I’ve travelled with. There were 6 of us - 4 from America and 2 of us Brits. Everyone was in their 30s and 40s and all so nice. We shared a passion for exploring and travel, as well as walking. We also had a wonderful tour guide who was very kind, helpful and knew her stuff.

It wasn’t a challenging trip and I would have liked a bit more walking, but with my tendonitis injury it was probably

just the right pace for me. The walks were beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of the Kyrenia coast, especially the ‘Five Fingers’ trail because I love an ascent-descent walk. We visited many monasteries and castles which were all breathtakingly beautiful. I usually find these things fairly boring, but surprisingly not this time!

We also had a look around the shops and enjoyed some Turkish food. The large portions and lack of vegan options caused me a lot of stress and my ED voice was already loud from having to do less exercise with my injury. But I managed to still make the best of my trip, remembering how I need to learn to prioritise other things to be free from the ED. Travel is so worth it.

Although we saw very little wildlife on this trip, there were plenty of cats and dogs around to give me the animal therapy I so love, and I made very good friends with the local stray cat who liked hanging around the hotel. The hotel had an animal rescue fundraising box and all the local strays were fed there – my kind of place! I’m thinking of revisiting Cyprus one day to get involved with turtle conservation and volunteer at turtle beach in North Cyprus when they come to nest in the autumn.

My aim is to travel to as many countries as I can in my lifetime. Hopefully my multiple tendonitis injuries will have healed for next time!

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